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If a 125-foot pine tree crashes down a hillside…

Huge Pine trees falling

…topples over three enormous neighboring pine trees…

treemaggen-3…devastates eight mature birch trees…

Birch trees flattened
…pulverizes two cars…



…and completely blocked the street  at 12:30 AM and you don’t hear it…..did it really happen?


My husband heard a loud crash, turned over and went back to sleep. Our son heard something but decided not to disturb us. Our neighbor arriving home saw the devastation and rang our doorbell. No one answered. I slept through it all. Didn’t hear a thing.

It’s  7AM. No one ever calls me at 7 AM so I decide to answer.

It’s our neighbor. “ Hi Sandy, have you gone outside this morning?

“Uh, no.”

“Well, there are some trees on your driveway and I think you should take a look.”

I should have stayed in bed.

The trees came tumbling down and all Humpty Dumpty’s men cannot put them together again.

Men trying to clear up trunks

Straps around pine tree trunkc

Man sawing tree
Devastation. Destruction. Dirt.  


#1 No one was hurt.

#2 Our house was not damaged

 and #3 The mailbox is still standing!

mailbox still standing

Oh, and I had to buy a new car.

Sandra and her new Prius

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  • Linda Mirth - Wow, what a mess! Glad you are all ok and you do look fabulous next to that beautiful red car!!ReplyCancel

    • sandra - I love my new Prius. That red just spoke to me. Our son get’s my old Prius to replace his Yaris. So we’re playing musical cars.ReplyCancel

    • sandra - Fell head over heels for this red Prius. I’m not a car person until now!ReplyCancel

  • Lillian Plummer - You had your guardian angel looking after you, that was an incredible happening. What a massive tree and imagine the force required to bring that down and all whilst you slept through. Must have been a shocking sight to see when stepping out of your house. Hope you get things sorted without too much trouble. I would be using that tree for firewood, if I had an open fireplace and cursing it with every load. Best wishes to you and your family. xxReplyCancel

    • sandra - Thank you so much. Yes, it was shocking and a mess. It will be months before it’s all together because of the disturbance to the hillside. But I focus on the fact that we’re all fine and so is the house. It will all be taken care of.ReplyCancel

  • Judith Ottoline Morrell - Thank goodness you are all safe.Sorry had to grin at the mailbox still standing.What a way to get a new car☺❤❤ReplyCancel

    • sandra - Hi Judith. You got it. It is funny to see the mailbox still standing and the fact I got the cutest reddest Prius!ReplyCancel

  • Diana Fassino - Good grief, Sandy–your family sure don’t have sleep problems, do they? That must have sounded like Trump’s WW3 breaking out. Thank goodness no one was hurt–but oh, the sadness to see such mighty tree giants brought down.
    Still, one thing us ladies who fall over a lot have learned to do is–count our blessings. And as you know, as a new and fully paid up member, I’m heavily into that mode at the moment. So– Thank the universe that you and your beloveds are all safe! XXX DianaReplyCancel

    • sandra - You’re right. I guess it’s my age. But what is really important? So I’m grateful for our safety and our home is still standing. We will miss those beautiful trees but…now to start over.ReplyCancel

  • Susan B. - Oh my gosh! It’s one thing to read about this and quite another to see the extent of the devastation. So glad no one was hurt and that your house wasn’t damaged!

    That red Prius looks like a sporty little number, perfect for you!ReplyCancel

    • sandra - It had to be seen to be believed. I don’t know if the photos completely captured the enormity of it all. Thanks regarding the car. It really is me and makes me so happy. Can you believe I carry a dust rag with me in the car and actually use it?ReplyCancel

  • Judi Briscoe - Snazzy red Prius and red toenails to match!! Woo HOO!

    • sandra - Yes, I love that color. It’s named “absolutely red” and it is. I even bought a brush to keep it dusted. i NEVER would have thought of that for my previous Prius. Love.ReplyCancel

  • Gail - Sandy,

    YIKES!!!! I’m so happy no one was hurt.ReplyCancel

    • sandra - Trust me I think about it every day! I’m so grateful.ReplyCancel

  • sandra - From email:

    Gee, I just leaned on it for a second. SaulReplyCancel

  • sandra - Via Email:


    Judith August CosmeticsReplyCancel

  • sandra - Via Email:

    OMG! Thank Heavens you guys are okay.
    Love, Carol and BrianReplyCancel

  • sandra - Via Email:

    OMG. Saw it on your blog. Is it all cleaned up now?

    Sent from my iPad

  • sandra - Via Email:

    Thanks for the link. As long as it didn’t flatten you!!
    Love and xx’s JudyReplyCancel

  • David Sheffner - Some mailbox!ReplyCancel

    • sandra - Impressive wouldn’t you say?ReplyCancel

  • Stephanie - Via Email:
    AMAZING!!! As always, your blog is superb!!!!! Although you described it, I never imagined the
    magnitude of your tree damage. Can’t believe that you slept through it! Thank goodness that
    you’re all safe and sound. Enjoy your beautiful new car and I’ll hopefully see you and your shiny
    red Prius soon…
    Much love,

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