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Anna's World's Best Cheesecake


This is the story of how my mother acquired the secret recipe for her famous cheesecake. We think it’s the bestKeep reading »

The evil queen at her mirror


Evil Queen in Snow White isn’t the only one with “beauty” issues. I must confess that I am on a never-ending quest forKeep reading »


My first BlogHer conference and my award as one of the 100 Voices of the Year, presented by Queen Latifah.Keep reading »

name tag Hello my name is Anxiety

I’m Going to the BlogHer ’13 Conference!

Actually, it’s a miracle. Maybe not a miracle, but the result of a lot of hard work. And not just on my blog.Keep reading »

Photograph of Steve Jobs

I Shook Hands With Steve Jobs

How I discovered and fell in love with a Macintosh computer. And shook hands with Steve Jobs.Keep reading »

I’m a 72-Year-Old Blogger

The story of how a 72-year old woman became a blogger.Keep reading »

Albert Finney and Sandra Sallin at sea on the French Riviera


Behind the scenes in the making of the movie Picasso Summer. Featuring Albert Finney and Yvette Mimieux in the south ofKeep reading »

Number 11 montage

My 11 Guilty Pleasures

Here is the list of my 11 guilty pleasures.Keep reading »

Start Trek II: The Wrath of Khan the movie poster

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan Secrets Revealed

This is the true story from the producer of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan regarding the death of Spock and theKeep reading »

kids hugging returning dad

When I Come Home – Honoring Our Service Men and Women

This moving video, “When I Come Home,” honors our service men, women and their families. Those who serve,Keep reading »

Giuliano Bugialli teaching Sandy how to make pasta.

True Confessions: How I flunked making pasta in Italy.

Sandra takes you deep into cooking country with this fine and fanciful Duck Lasagna Recipe inspired by GiulianoKeep reading »

Drawing by Sandra Sallin, Prelude II

“Sandra, can you draw?”

My art gallery dealer, Marti Koplin : “Sandra, can you draw?” Sandy: “Uh, I don’t know. I haven’tKeep reading »

Peter the Great with his crown and throne, St. Petersburg Russia

My Mother Escaped From Russia With Rags On Her Feet- Part Two

Continued from Part one Ninety years later, my husband and I sailed into St Petersburg harbor on a luxury ship. Now, IKeep reading »

My Mother Escaped From Russia With Rags On Her Feet – Part One

My mother, Anna at age 16 My mother escaped from Russia with rags on her feet. She left with her family In the middleKeep reading »

I Was Kissed By Wolves

That’s right, I was kissed by a pack of wolves!  No, not the whistling kind. These were real wolves, wolves with rawKeep reading »

Bob receives award from Captain Rodriguez Of Newton Division LAPD

Shootin’ Newton

The Los Angeles Police Department honored my husband last night. Yes, the Commanding Officer, Police officers, PoliceKeep reading »

Canada Dry soft drink commercial

How to Succeed in Showbiz Without Really Trying – Part Two

Read Part One of How to Succeed in Showbiz Without Really Trying Fast forward. I’d graduated high school and wasKeep reading »

I'm all dressed up for my first piano recital

How to Succeed in Showbiz Without Really Trying – Part One

I’m all dressed up for my first piano recital It was never anything I sought. I just think my creative interestsKeep reading »

Idaho potato

Burlap and Buggies: A Remembrance of Christmas Past

A potato?  A truck with bales of burlap bags? Keep reading » Facebook CommentsKeep reading »

Christmas Tree with lights and ornaments

A House Filled With Christmas

When I think of Christmas, I think of my dear friend, Sharon’s home here in Idaho. The Christmas feeling in herKeep reading »

icicles on the walkway lamp

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!

First thing I do when I wake in the morning up in the high mountains of Idaho is close the window. The window is on myKeep reading »

Sandy Hook Prayer Vigil

Words Fail Me

I could not write another post without addressing the horrific killings in Newtown Connecticut. I would feel negligentKeep reading »

World’s Ultimate Best, Without a Doubt, Potato Latkes!

Here is the recipe for the worlds best without a doubt potato latkes.Keep reading »

Sandy at UCLA in the 60's

When did you decide to become an artist?

The Quad at UCLA After studying geology and learning about the three different kinds of rocks: igneous, sedimentary andKeep reading »

Easy Peasy Minestrone

My dear husband casually strolled into the kitchen, opened the refrigerator and declared, “Why, it looks like aKeep reading »

Me in my funny Valentine costume


 Guess who…? …and guess what song I am? I’ll give you the answer at the end of this post. Gotta wait forKeep reading »