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When I started blogging, I had no idea how many new friends I would make. One of my nearest and dearest new buddies is my personal Auntie Mame, Elizabeth, The Vintage Contessa.  She in turn, introduced me to decorator, chef and stylist, Cindy Hattersley, of Rough Luxe Lifestyle, with whom I immediately bonded.

They came up with an idea to feature a different woman on each of their blogs who epitomises their vision of AGELESS STYLE. Elizabeth chose me and I thought I’d share the post here. Elizabeth sent me a series of questions which I had great fun answering.

How Would You Describe Your Style?

Artistic and bosomy. I’m always looking for clothes that will fit. It’s easier to collect lipstick and bracelets. They always fit.

What Inspires your signature style

Unique, stylish but not over the top.

What accessory Can You Not Do Without?

Bracelets, scarves, and earrings. They always fit perfectly. I love adding visual excitement. People remember me because of my bracelets.

Favorite Color

Lime green or maybe lavender, but then again……love charcoal with my silver hair

Do you have a signature piece that defines your style?

I love this look: black and white Comfy-USA Tokyo shirt.

Often you’ll find me wearing boyfriend jeans with loafers, t-shirt, scarf, or maybe a ruana from Chateau Bel Age Boutique and bracelets. 

 Another favorite is wearing tights with long tops. I love the way this Vancouver Tunic from Artfulhome drapes.


My accessories. Because I’m an artist, I’m keenly atuned to visuals. I adore collecting anything from Italian jewelry designer Angela Caputi. Here are few of her creations.

The cobbler who fixes my shoes told me I was his favorite customer because my shoes were always exciting colors.

 The Cat’s Meow

I have to guard this purse when I carry it. Everybody wants it! I bought it in Sun Valley, Idaho many years ago. It was made in Paris.

 Always on the lookout, I spied this rubber purse in a boutique on a side street in Palo Alto.

I can’t remember the name of the shop, but I took one look, and I had to have it. It’s totally impracticable but I love this rubber sea anemone.

Do you have a style icon?

Elizabeth,  The Vintage Contessa. She has made a huge impression on me. Her heart is huge, loving and giving. Her taste and style know no bounds. She has an impeccable eye. We met online, made a date to meet in person and we immediately became best buddies. She has encouraged me to let my inner style blossom.

Don’t we look like twins –– well, at least related?


What are your beauty essentials that you couldn’t do without?

I was recently asked to be a model by Bryan Haugen, owner and artist of the Makeover Workshop site. He used a primer that lets my skin show through while it evens out the color. In the past, I had tried EVERY high to low-end foundation and hated them all. Too much coverage. My face would look like a mask or too shiny or too yellow or just too much like makeup. This primer simply works. I do use bronzer and blush with it but for a light base that lets your skin show through. This is it for me. https://www.makeoverworkshop.com/primer/
I have found my Holy Grail of foundations.

There are a number of other products that really work for me. I love Vichy Aqualia Thermal Dynamic Hydration (quite the name). I discovered this product when Salli Hughes raved about it in her column for The Guardian. It seems to moisturize and keep my face moist for hours. Love it and I love the price. $36 at my CVS and you can also find specials on line at their website.  Also Fresh Black Tea Age-Delay Infusion. Again it was a YouTuber I admire, MakeupMLC, who raved about it. She was right. It adds moisture to my skin. I also love Clinique’s Take the Day Off Cleanser Balm as a first cleanser.  I haven’t found the perfect second skin cleanser, so If you’ve got a suggestion, I’m game. I also use my buddy Judith August’s, Everything Pencil to easily cover some of my white scars from skin cancer surgery. 

I must tell you a funny story about buying face products. I walked into Barney’s San Francisco with The Vintage Contessa. We were looking for Linda Rodin’s new lipsticks. A sales associate grabbed me and told me how dry the wrinkles around my eyes looked. (She probably had just given up a promising career in the diplomatic service). For starters, she began applying creams around my eyes while endlessly, commenting on my lines. I finally could not restrain my self and announced that I was 76-years-old and what in the world did she expect? There was a long silent pause and she very discreetly stopped applying the cream which, she informed me, was made with waters from a magical stream in Lithuania.

Do you have repeat offenders in your closet if so what are they?

Too much black, black, black. I want to expand my palette so I’m always on the lookout for livelier colors. One of my favorites is lime. That doesn’t mean it looks the best on me, but I love the edginess of it.

What advice do you have for women over 50, or over 40?

Exercise, wear SPF and forget about your age. It’s a privilege to age. Never forget it. One day you will look at your photos of when you were 50 and think “ My goodness I was so youthful then. What was I thinking?”

Clothing? You must know to simply wear what looks good on you. I’m not going tell you what to wear. I remember commenting on a blog that at 75 I didn’t think I could wear boyfriend jeans. I was told in no uncertain terms that “ Yes, Yes, Yes,” I could wear them and I’ve never stopped.

Do you have any style rules that you live by?

That said, I don’t like to look too suggestive: nothing too tight, too low, or too high. Chanel once said to look in the mirror and take one thing off before you leave the house.  Of course, there are exceptions. If you’re going to an Advanced Style book signing, pile it on. If you’re going to a funeral, don’t even think about it. Rules? Fuggetaboutit!

What are your favorite online go to sources?

ArtfulHome, Fawbushes, Hello BoutiqueNordstorms, and eBay 


Do you have a particular designer that you are drawn to?

Dries Van Noton has an incredible eye for pattern and contemporary style.

I wonder if he appeals to me because his patterns remind me of my paintings? Hm?

Surabaja,Oil on canvas over panel  ©Sandra Sallin


But in my case, it’s not all glitz and glamour. Every now and then a mini-glimpse of the real me appears.  As La Contessa and I were about to begin a fun day of shopping and lunch, she did a double take, repressed a smile and whispered in my ear that I was sporting a curler in my hair. At that point, we both burst out laughing!

All images appearing on IT’S NOT ABOUT AGE, IT’S ABOUT ATTITUDE are the expressed property of Sandra Sallin. All rights reserved. In other words, don’t steal it!

Facebook Comments
  • sandra - By Email from The Vintage Contessa .net

    Well, this made MY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!
    YOU had me ALMOST in tears…………
    You have been a JOY to SHARE ideas with ADVISE and ANGELA CAPUTI BITS AND BOBS!!!!!!
    I would NEVER have known you were 74 when we met!!!YOU have MORE ENERGY THAN I DO at 57.I know it is a PRIVILEGE every day to be here and AGE.I hope I can make it to your age and be as YOUTHFUL AS YOU ARE.
    HUGS TO YOU,this was such a FUN READ!!!!


    • sandra - What more can I say but thank you. You truly have been my inspiration!ReplyCancel

  • sandra - By Email from Peg Burke
    Dear Sandra, You and The Vintage Contessa are both style inspirations to me-a happy to be 65 year old! Your black sea anemone handbag is DEFINITELY NOT impractical! Goes with many things, strapped across the body it frees up the hands AND is big enough for lipstick, cell phone and credit card! And best of all it’s a unique eye catcher. I’d say that’s pretty darn perfect! Peg from PennsylvaniaReplyCancel

    • sandra - The only problem is that I can’t fit my iPhone into it. Maybe I need a smaller iPhone. Hey Peg, I love Pennsylvania. My husband was born in Pittsburgh so I’ve visited a number of times. I do love the purse. It does not have to worry about me ever giving it away.ReplyCancel

  • Cindy L - You look fabulous! I love your style, and mine is a bit similar to yours …. I describe it as “artsy and creative,” and I often wear black or other neutrals so show off my collection of art jewelry. (Black is a great backdrop for my Native American jewelry all year ’round.) You also mentioned being a skin cancer survivor — I am too. After three surgeries on my face, I’ve been using Jane Iredale cosmetics almost exclusively, as they were recommended by my MOHS surgeon. Thanks for your inspiration — I don’t know how I found your blog but I am enjoying it so much!ReplyCancel

    • sandra - Sorry to hear about your skin cancers. Keep an eye on them. Don’t let too much time go by before you have a doctor look at your face. Remember there are some you can not see. Like the side of your face. I go once every 6 months. You look sounds terrific. Love your Native American Jewelry with black. The jewelry has such rich luscious colors. Great look!ReplyCancel

  • sandra - By Email from Antonia
    I just love this post, which I will read very carefully, the second time, to that I can note all your suggestions.

    I noticed the purple Maude Frizon shoes. Now that is a name from the past. Both my mom and my sister were great fans. They must be vintage, right?

    And I am like you — love colorful shoes. I always have a pair of red ones.

    Keep blogging!ReplyCancel

    • sandra - Good for you and your red shoes. Yes, you have a sharp eye. Those are Maude Fizon shoes and they must be vintage because I bought them years ago. Can’t they’re a little too tight for me but I can’t let them go. Thanks for reading!ReplyCancel

  • Lillian Plummer - what a great post Sandra, have to agree with all you say about Elisabeth. She was one of my first Insta friends, always full of life and joy and gives so much of herself, such a pleasure to follow you both. Big hugs from Australia. xxReplyCancel

    • sandra - So glad you enjoyed the post. Elizabeth and have become best buddies and she constantly encourages me to do more!ReplyCancel


    • sandra - Thank you dear friend.Glad you enjoyed.ReplyCancel

  • Jan Gordon - Sandra, I absolutely love your spirit, style and amazing talent. Love your colorful shoes, lipsticks, clothes and passion. You make it fun and that’s the way it should always be. We’re blessed to be alive and still thriving, why stop now?
    Sending lots of hugs….

    • sandra - Dear Jan, You’ve got the idea. Just do it now!!! Thanks for the hugs! I’ll take them.ReplyCancel

    • sandra - Thank you so much, Jan. It feels good when people really understand you. Thank you.ReplyCancel

  • Susan B. - Sandra, you are such an inspiration! Your style suits you so well, and matches your verve!ReplyCancel

    • sandra - Thanks, Susan. You’ve been a great friend and help! Plus you’re a lot of fun.ReplyCancel

  • Diana Fassino - Goodness, Sandra, just look what you’ve started! What a brilliant collection of saucy kindred spirits. I guess I’m older than all of you (85 for three more months) but I’d like to add to this conversation a remark made by my friend and soul-mate Paula, (same age as me. Danced with the NYC Ballet in her prime.) Arriving at my 80th birthday party, she scanned the crowd and said, “I say, Diana, you and I are wearing the shortest skirts in the room–and we’ve got the best legs, too!”ReplyCancel

      STUDIED for years but was told I was too tall and not good enough……………….
      I want to MEET HER!

      • sandra - Diana is one of my friends who lives in Idaho. Has written two biographies. Was raised in Britain and can do anything! A beautiful outside and inside. Very aristocratic looking and acting!ReplyCancel

    • sandra - You’ve always had style and sass! So glad you joined the group here with your subscription! Now I’ll have to keep you busy with blog posts to read.ReplyCancel

  • Stephanie Stern - Dearest Sandy,
    It just gets better and better! From sharing your life and your recipes and your art and your wonderful style you are simply amazing!!! I treasure our time together and look forward to many more “field trips” and good times…

    • sandra - Thank you, dear buddy. We do have a fabulous time together. Here’s looking forward to more! Thanks for commenting!ReplyCancel

  • 1010ParkPlace - The two of you in Barneys! What a riot. My kingdom to have been there when the refugee from the diplomatic service started patting your eyes! The Contessa has influenced my way of dressing as well. In 10 days I’m going to Italy. Among other things I’m taking a kimono, a large hat that needs its own airline seat, black leather pants and my black suede & curly Mongolian wool Sherpa jacket… well it’s what I would want to wear if I were a Sherpa! Going by myself to see The Rolling Stones in Lucca… I can’t be out dressed by Mick Jagger so I’m prepared! He likes satin so I’m wearing sequins and big pearls. I’ve promised myself I’m only taking a carry on bag and my LV weekender but to do that, on the flight over I’ll probably windup looking like a bag lady who’s wearing everything she owns. I imagining while I’m stretched out in full recline with my sleep mask on, everyone will tiptoe past and photograph me, wondering if I’m an older Holly Golightly. XOXOX, BrendaReplyCancel

    • sandra - Brenda, I’ll tell you, between the curler in my hair and the refugee from the diplomatic service, it was a hoot. We need you with us. Ya, gotta come out west. We’ll all celebrate. I’m sure you have some business meetings in the West! Indeed I can see you as Holly Golightly. But wait until those Italian stallions see you. Truly an apparition. We must have photos. I can’t wait to your instagram posts. What a hoot! Have a fabulous time. Wish I were there with you. Say I to Mick for me.ReplyCancel

      • 1010ParkPlace - I may come your direction when I return from Italy. I want to catch up with Sherry Lansing again. I just thought I admired her, but after finishing her biography the other night, I realize how incredible she is! As women, we have to much to learn from her. Have met with her a couple of times and spoken over the phone, and she’s always so gracious, like she has nothing else to do but sit and talk with you. xoxox, BReplyCancel

        • sandra - Well, you better let me know. I can’t wait to meet you. I promise to take time out of my “busy schedule” and have some fun with you. I take it you know LA already? I hope you post some fab photos of your encounter with Mick! Glad you reminded me of her book. I’ll Amazon it. Looking forward to our meet-up!ReplyCancel

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