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I’m A Star In Dubai. Can You Believe it?

I don’t usually get a lot of emails from the United Arab Emirates. So when I got one recently from Karen Ann Monsy, a reporter for The Khaleej Times newspaper of the UAE @wkndmag asking for an interview, I thought it was a phishing scheme but curiosity got the best of me and I decided to give it a second look.

It seems that Karen had seen my Instagram posts and wanted to write a feature article for the Sunday Edition of The Khaleej Times about 70-year olds rocking social media.

All images appearing on I’m A Star In Dubai. Can You Believe it? are the expressed property of Sandra Sallin. All rights reserved. In other words, don’t steal it!

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  • Penelope Bianchi - Keep up the animal pics!!! Silly goose!!!ReplyCancel

    • sandra - I can’t write about wolves every week. Know they are in my heart!ReplyCancel

  • Marietta Leis - You just keep flying. And all that you said when we met about loving technology is revealed to the world. Proud to know the feisty you! Loved seeing you this decade Lets try to make it 5 years next time!ReplyCancel

    • sandra - It was a real pleasure meeting with you and your husband. Wish it was sooner than five years.ReplyCancel

  • nancy guilfoyle - Wonder if they like cheese cake…ReplyCancel

    • sandra - Ha! You’re right! Wouldn’t that be fun if they started making Mom’s cheesecake in the UAE?ReplyCancel

  • cam - Your friend’s 11 year old son? Cough, cough… My figure may have looked that way back then but I do, distinctly, recall a call or two or three 😉

    Congrats! Very proud of my auntie nonetheless! xxxxReplyCancel

    • sandra - Oh, Cam you’ve gotten me through a lot. This was the first day I had my computer and somehow I deleted the HD. Wish you were here today.tearing my hair out.ReplyCancel

  • janie Horn - Of course you are a star in Dubai! Your star-like qualities are soooo evident. Who else could paint a 30 inch rose and have it look right??? And, I love that angel wings picture –so clever. Lots of attitude in a good way – wiish I had half..

    • sandra - Thank you Janie. What a nice comment. Just made me smile inside and out. Thrilled.ReplyCancel

    • sandra - Thanks for your lovely support. So glad you’re enjoying everything. My attitude? Just fake it and it’s yours!ReplyCancel

  • Linda Mirth - Wow, Sandy, it truly is amazing how far the internet reaches. You don’t realize the influence one has. The old folks out there aren’t acting “old” , or they are paving new ground for what the new old is like. Good for you!ReplyCancel

    • sandra - You’re right Linda, I think the “old” is “new.” At least if you give it a chance and learn and explore and take a chance! Thanks for your support.ReplyCancel

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