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I Went to Israel. My Husband Went to Our Storage Locker » Apart From My Art
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I Went to Israel. My Husband Went to Our Storage Locker

Aristotle once said, “The worst form of inequality is to try to make unequal things equal.”

That became very clear to me when I decided to take a trip to Israel with our daughter and our two grandsons.

My husband, Bob declined to join me.  He had traveled extensively all over the Middle East and wasn’t fond of the desert in the summer.

So, I suggested, in an insightful burst of Aristotelian logic, that this would be the perfect time for him to sort out our storage locker.

This was going to be quality time with my family in Israel for me.  Storage locker for him.

Sandra and Peter in Tel Aviv

While I was away, it seemed like the perfect time to clear out the mountain of boxes filled with multiple film prints of the nearly  2,000 commercials he directed when he had his commercial production company.

So, in the spirit of equality, I went to the Western Wall in The Old City and my husband sorted through thousands of feet of film in a dingy cubicle.

Sandra at the Western wall and rolls of film

I went to Dead Sea and my husband took reels to a company that transfers films to digital files.

Sandra at the floating in the Dead Sea and film canisters.

I went to the Israel Museum and was mesmerized by the antiquities. My husband unearthed five of the dozens of commercials  in which I had appeared during the 1960’s when we were first married. 

Sandra at the Israel Museum


Here are a few of my mini epics that Bob excavated from the depths of our ancient storage locker.

Get your popcorn  and click away.

A different time, a different me.

I had a great fun acting in commercials. I also enjoyed going to our mailbox and retrieving those residual checks!

Read how I got started in the commercial world:  “How to Succeed in Showbiz Without Really Trying – Part 2.

All images appearing on I Went to Israel. My Husband Went to Our Storage Locker are the expressed property of Sandra Sallin. All rights reserved. In other words, don’t steal it!

Facebook Comments
    I think I remember the GLAD BAGGY commercial!!!!!!!
    I LOVE THEM ALL!!!!!!!
    YOU have not changed a BIT!
    YOUR face and SMILE are STILL YOU!!!!!!!!
    Please THANK BOB for NOT GOING ON THAT TRIP!!!!!!!!!!
    And for doing what YOU TOLD HIM TO DO!WHAT A GIFT HE HAS CREATED FOR MANY PEOPLE…………NOW who was the handsome HUSBAND in the coffee commercial and who were the GIRLS in the BUBBLES commercial?ANYONE we would recognize today?
    I’m going back to watch them ALL OVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!

    • sandra - Thanks for the comment. The husband in the Folgers commercial was paired with me many times. We would laugh because various producers would always put us together. The women in the Canada Dry commercial were some of the top models of the day. One of them is Maude Adam, Merle Browne and Susan Blakley. We can’t remember the rest of them. But trust me they were the tops and then there was little old me. So glad you enjoyed!ReplyCancel

    • sandra - So glad you enjoyed these commercials. I do think they’re a hoot. My kids do also. I haven’t shown them to the grandkids yet. Wait till they see them. The models in the Canada Dry commercial are Maude Adams, Susan Blakely and Merle Browne. There’s another one, but I can’t remember her name. He surprised me with these commercials. To be honest, neither one of us knew we had them. But he got into the films and had them all digitized. So glad you enjoyed them. We certainly do!ReplyCancel

  • Peg Fitzpatrick - Tell Bob thank you!

    I love seeing your commercials. Cute as a darned button!!ReplyCancel

    • sandra - Bob said he was glad someone appreciates him. To be honest I got a big kick out of seeing these commercials. Was that really me??? Hysterical. I’m so grateful he found them. The whole family is getting a kick out of these commercials.ReplyCancel

  • Cathy Chester - OMG! You should have kept up your acting career. You are so adorable and I loved watching these. You NEVER cease to amaze me, Sandra. Wow.

    Glad you had a great time in Israel – and with your grandkids. So memorable. You left Bob holding the bag, but I’m so glad you did! I could watch even more commercials.

    Big hugs and lots of love.ReplyCancel

    • sandra - bob has been all over the Middle East when he was in the AirForce. As a producer he did not want to go to the Israel in the heat of the summer. I stopped acting because I wanted to stay home and be a mom. I never fell in love with acting. I did appreciate the money though. So glad you enjoyed it. I did too!ReplyCancel

  • Karen H. - Wow! Sandra these are great and bring back memories from my youth. Especially the Folgers and Glad bags. Thanks for the memories. You are adorable!ReplyCancel

    • sandra - Whoa, you remember these? I’m so impressed. Thanks for reading, watching and commenting! Thanks for a great memory also.ReplyCancel

  • Linda Clark - I love Watching the commercials thank you brought back memories ! The glad bag one do remember and the Canada Dry ! Omg love it . Very sweet of your husband to digitalize then !
    Glad you had a beautiful trip to Israel with your daughter and grandsons !ReplyCancel

    • sandra - So glad you enjoyed those commercials. I’m amazed you remember those commercials. Yes, my husband was very sweet to take the time to digitize all these films. Love him. The whole family is loving watching these films. I will be writing about my trip to Israel. Coming soon! Again thanks for commenting.ReplyCancel

  • sandra - Via email:

    Such wit.
    Love it!
    Great job.

  • Diana - I love this post of yours! And WOW! You are a stunner! Now and then!! You made me laugh and smile while enjoying the time capsule your gracious husband unearthed!! Thank you for sharing these wonderful memories with us. Dare I say it? AMAZING! Hope to see you soon!!
    Sending you love always,

    • sandra - Oh Diana, thank you so much for commenting. I’m so glad you enjoyed these. I did to. I can’t believe I was “Bubbles.” I remember being so intimidated by those gorgeous models. I always had a great time making the commercials, and going to the mailbox to pick up the residuals. Love your blog and that beautiful chocolate cake.ReplyCancel

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